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Zero wastewater discharge - wastewater treatment process

Wastewater problem is inevitable Manufacturer. For the sake of social responsibility And environmental protection, we invest 1 million dollars to introduce Waste water treatment process, making production zero discharge Wastewater. The project can realize totally closed recycling Production wastewater to ensure zero discharge of production wastewater Production area, thoroughly solve potential pollution problems Heavy metals left over from history. This zero emission is not only Production technology, but more importantly Corporate social responsibility.

Jointly fight against COVID-19 - respirator and respirator mask production line

In order to better cope with coronavirus disease In 2019, we launched respirators and medical treatment Mask manufacturing machinery, installed in the workshop More than 800 square meters, and established personal protection Product production line. Efficient automated production lines and Fully automatic packaging line, ensuring the continuity and stability of the surface Mask; Respirator production capacity.

Each bracket has a mold -- orthodontic production line

In our orthodontic production line, each bracket There are molds to avoid the impact of mold sharing on product quality stable. The mold design has 1 4-hole mold and 1 mold 8 holes, abandoning the application of one multi hole mold, Ensure product accuracy and manufacturing stability. this The injection molding machine equipment we choose is highly intelligent Automation to ensure reliable and stable injection pressure and Temperature. – Therefore, we can provide customers with Continuous and stable high-quality orthodontic products.

Every file is good -- pulp production line

Requirements for materials and manufacturing The manufacturing process of root canal file is very demanding. They need Fracture resistance, high cutting strength, but slim. In our dental pulp Each file in the production line is carefully cut, polished and selected.

Innovation for you -- R&D

Our R&D department plays an indispensable role in The life cycle of the product. They need to choose first-class raw materials Materials, determine product design, research products Performance, solving problems of existing products If the manufacturing process must Change& nbsp;