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Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions

Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions

Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions are leading First class 2D/3D orthodontic imaging, diagnosis Practice management, case introduction and patient education software For global dental professionals. The company has active Donate selected products to selected academic programs Education plan. Currently, the company supports thousands of Professional practice worldwide, and hundreds of dental schools and specialties Orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, pediatrics and other departments Dolphin Imaging& is being used in dentistry and radiology; Administration Solution software every day.

IMD is exclusive Since 2012, it has been the general agent of Dolphin Imaging in China. Committed to selling the best quality products from the best companies in the world Dental and provide customers with the best service and work reliably Work with them to improve their professional skills.

Why Dolphins?

Your overall practical solution

Dolphin provides high-quality 2D/3D imaging, diagnosis and cases Demo, patient education and practice management software To provide solutions for global dental experts.

Open platform

Dolphin products are developed on an open platform to Integration with digital X-ray device, CBCT system and telephone solution And Web enabled applications. All Dolphin software is compatible The latest operating system and computer.

Powerful clinical application

These products are developed according to the vision and suggestions of the following people Industry experts, researchers, clinicians and consultants. Since 1988 Dolphin has built its reputation through continuous development and updating The software is powerful, efficient and easy to use.

Service and Support

Dolphin Support provides a comprehensive plan, including Unlimited telephone support, real-time online support, offline guide and added. From time to time, we are committed to Provided by famous orthodontic and oral surgery experts Professional services and support for all current and future Dolphins Users.

Dolphin Software Module Overview

Imaging Plus<sup>TM</sup>
Imaging PlusTM
Capture, organize, measure, manipulate, and present image records
Ceph Tracing
Ceph tracking
Analyze the skull X-ray film to quickly and accurately create progress superposition
Treatment Simulation
Therapeutic simulation
Plan, diagnose and present cases laterally
Visualize and analyze craniofacial anatomy from generated volume data
3D Surgery
3D surgery
Makes it easy to process 3D data, enabling dentists to A wide range of disciplines to diagnose, plan treatment, record and Current case
Display diagnosis results, correction procedures, appliance use and hygiene
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